“SWUpdate has become the de-facto open source industry standard for software updates in embedded devices – including at Siemens. As such, we are also heavily involved and contribute to the upstream project. ” – more on Siemens collaboration to open source projects can be read here.

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Gardena integrated SWUpdate to provide update functionalities to its products for the garden.

  • SWUpdate could be integrated in just a few days.
  • Good documentation
  • Good integration into Yocto
  • Flexible (we started with HTTP downloads, and we can switch to Hawkbit)
  • Active and useful Mailing List
  • 1A commercial support

Gardena published Gardena’s SWupdate integration

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Reto Schneider, Gardena GroupDevelopment

We’re still very happily using SWUpdate. I’ll tell everyone that wants to listen that doing image updates is a much better choice for deployed embedded systems than package based updates.
SWUpdate is clean and simple, just how we like it. Note that there are various features we’re not using (suricatta).
Here is the link to the project:

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Matthijs Vader, Victronenergy